Barrett Outdoors’ Awards

Our Legacy of Excellence

Barrett Outdoors’ Awards

At Barrett Outdoors, we take great pride in our craftsmanship and the recognition we’ve received for our commitment to excellence in outdoor living spaces. Our journey through the years has been marked by several prestigious awards that not only highlight our creative expertise but also our dedication to customer service and sustainable practices.

2021 First Place Project: Alternative Deck $50K-$100K, NADRA Nation

Photo of an award-winning curved deck with an outdoor kitchen and areas for outdoor dining and relaxation.

This homeowner’s dream project, initially challenging, became a masterpiece through extensive consultations, patience, and trust in the team’s skill. Designed for seamless movement, the deck features thoughtfully arranged living spaces, custom islands for socializing, and meticulously curved railings for smooth flow. Expert craftsmanship is evident in the precise curving of deck boards and strategic vertical installation toward the home, enhancing aesthetics and minimizing waste. Bold color transitions further define the space, creating a cohesive journey from pergola to decking and beyond, showcasing the project’s attention to detail and innovative design.

2021 Third Place Project: Alternative Deck $50K-$100K, NADRA National Deck Awards

Photo of an award-winning multi-level deck with railing, outdoor furniture, and an outdoor kitchen and dining area.

During the conceptual design phase, the team worked closely with the homeowner to plan the multi-level deck, including unique lighting, a custom bench, and a kitchen/bar island. The design meticulously considered the home’s architecture for the placement of curves and lights. The custom-built bench and grill island became the project’s highlights, designed for comfort and integration into the deck’s curve, requiring precise on-site craftsmanship due to the unique specifications. The bench was crafted to industry standards for comfort, and the islands were seamlessly incorporated into the outdoor space, serving both as an attractive focal point and a functional area for entertaining, allowing for an effortless transition from preparation to serving.

2016 First Place Project: Hall of Science Project, NADRA National Deck Awards

This honor, a national award, is a celebration of our innovative design and sustainable construction practices. The Hall of Science Outdoor Classroom Rooftop Deck is more than just a space; it’s a 1,360-square-foot arena of learning and exploration, featuring custom curved benches and environmentally sustainable materials​​.

2016 First Place Unique Feature: NADRA National Deck Awards

Photo of Award-Winning curved deck.

Nationally recognized, our decks were celebrated for their unique design elements. We believe that a deck should not only be functional but also be a work of art and beauty, which is evident in our decks’ elegant curves and intricate patterns​​.

A Tradition of Craftsmanship

Our journey of awards began with the NADRA NJ Deck Competition in 2009, where we were recognized for the Best Low Maintenance Deck Over 500 Square Feet​​. This set the foundation for a decade of excellence, leading to multiple awards in the following years:

2015 First Place for Alternative Deck Over $51K: NADRA Deck Awards

2013 First Place Best Illumination: NADRA Deck Awards

2011 NADRA New Jersey Chapter Deck Competition Wins

These state awards reflect our all-encompassing expertise in deck design and construction. Every feature, whether it’s a unique design or a covered structure, is crafted with the utmost attention to detail and quality​​.

Our commitment to not just aesthetics but also functionality was recognized on a national level, with our decks’ lighting features standing out for their innovation and brilliance​​.

Celebrating Innovation and Design

Our awards are a testament to our team’s passion for creating decks that are not just structures but experiences. With each project, we strive to enhance your home and lifestyle, bringing you an outdoor living space where memories are made and cherished.


We invite you to explore our award-winning approach to deck design and construction and see for yourself why Barrett Outdoors is the preferred choice for homeowners who seek the best in outdoor living. Contact us for more information.