Barrett Outdoors Warranties and Guarantees


Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

At Barrett Outdoors, we stand behind our craftsmanship with a Lifetime Warranty on the installation workmanship of your deck. This includes the installation of deck frame, stair frame, decking, rails, gates, trims, low voltage lights, and other accessories. 

Should you encounter any issues due to confirmed workmanship failure, we commit to making repairs at no additional cost to you, ensuring your peace of mind for the lifetime of your deck.

Important Considerations

Workmanship warranty period shall start when the final inspection is performed.

Material Warranties

Barrett Outdoors ensures top-tier installation, and we always recommend high-quality materials for the project. We will discuss with you the material warranties provided by manufacturers when we help you find the perfect material for your project. Homeowners are responsible for managing these warranties, and we are here to assist in gathering and supplying necessary receipts for your warranty paperwork.

Manufacturers’ Warranties

Below you will find links to warranty information from the manufacturers we partner with:

Our Pledge

At Barrett Outdoors, we stand behind our workmanship and are committed to ensuring your satisfaction with your deck for years to come. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.