Relaxing and Entertaining Oasis

Deck Size: 910 sq ft, new build
Decking: Azek Vintage; color: English Walnut
Double Picture frame: Azek Vintage 51/2” boards; color: Dark Hickory
Railing: Custom black aluminum posts, black bottom and top rails and stainless steel cable railing infill
Trim/Fascia: White CPVC
Pavilion: 16’x16’, hip roof, asphalt shingles, Synergy Wood pine vaulted ceiling, color: Weathered Gray
L-shaped Outdoor Kitchen: Stone veneer cladding, Delta Heat 38” grill
U-shaped Bar Island: Dark Hickory deck board cladding, two level, granite countertop.
Unique Features: Accent wall in Nickel Joint style, Ceiling style in pavilion, Cable railing, Stone veneer cladded island, Two-level bar island