We can simplify the many avaibable Decking Options

In today’s market, manufactured decking has become the most popular choice for consumers. There have been many technological advances made with these types of decking and railing materials over the past 15 years. The best news is that manufactured decking materials just keep getting better and better! The main thing to remember is that while these products are very durable and are usually less maintenance than a traditional wood deck, they still require diligent cleaning and some limited care.
There are currently two main types of manufactured decking available: composite and PVC. There is also a third type of decking, a hybrid product, which combines a composite core with a PVC (or similar) outer coating or shell.

Composite Decking

There are many different manufacturers of composite decking products, many of whom offer multiple grades or versions in their product line. The differences between these versions are usually cosmetics and/or price point. Most of the major brands will perform similarly over time with regard to color loss, durability, and susceptibility to staining, scratching, etc…

Cellular PVC & Cap/shelled decking

PVC and hybrid decking products is now available in multi-chromatic colors that have true wood tones and deeper, richer palettes.

Wood Framing

The wood used in the framework of all Barrett Outdoors decks is referred to as “pressure treated wood”. The framework is the skeleton of the deck (what holds everything up), and local building codes require the use of treated lumber in all frameworks.

Concrete Pavers

An interlocking paverstone system will instantly improve your home’s appearance and increase its appraised value. With dozens of shapes and colors to choose from, design possibilities for driveways, walkways, patios & pools, sunrooms and other areas are endless.
Paver stones stand up to whatever Mother Nature deals out – snow, ice & floods. Paver stones don’t fade under summer’s harsh sun. Unlike asphalt, they are maintenance-free without the need for messy sealers. Save time & money season after season.
Concrete paver stones are twice as strong as, and less absorbent than, poured concrete. Surface stains on patios and driveways are minimized. Damage from de-icing salts and snowplows is eliminated. The mortarless, flexible, interlocking system won’t crack or heave as a result of ground movement.

Rail Systems

Barrett offers multiple rail systems made of any of the following material choices: Composite, Vinyl, Aluminum.